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The following are short examples of circumstances where we have worked that little bit harder so that our customers have been able to meet their objectives.

This has meant that customers have made substantial savings in time and cost, or alternatively, have avoided letting down one of their clients.

Assembly line cost reduction exercise for major manufacturer
Priory was made aware of an assembly line problem being experienced by a major customer. For historical reasons, a threaded castor had been specified, and installation of the four castors each involved two production line operatives and a cranked air tool to fit and secure the castor nut. This was inefficient and too expensive.

Priory was invited to examine the job, which resulted in a design modification being specified, and subsequently implemented by the customer. This involved a larger hole in the chassis body, permitting a peg-fitting castor to be used. Castors could then be simply assembled by push fitment, removing the need for special tools and significantly reducing both component cost and assembly time.

Priory saves the day!
One of Priory’s customers was due to present a sample product to their client and realised the day before that the anticipated castor was unsuitable. The product in question was a specialised office table.

At short notice, Priory assembled parts from different castors to produce a castor that would meet the customer’s specification. Priory delivered the castors that same day, enabling our customer to present their sample as planned.

Customer let down by existing supplier
A customer contacted Priory because they had been let down by their moulder. The requirement was for 10,000 wheels within one week. The customer had their own mould but required an operator and 60 hours of moulding time.

Priory examined the customers mould tool and made some improvements so that it would operate more efficiently. An evening shift was laid on to handle this sudden influx of work.

The customer received their parts on time and has since moved all the moulding work to Priory.

Small is beautiful
A customer of Priory had a client who insisted that castors incorporated in their product were colour-matched with the rest of the unit. Our customer was unable to find a supplier for such small quantities of a suitable ex-stock castor.

Once our customer had raised the problem we arranged to have relevant components powder coated to the required colour and then assembled. In this way, our customer was delighted at being able to meet their client’s exact requirements.

Customer’s carrier fails to collect
A Priory customer had a major client with a small but very urgent requirement for a specific castor. Our customer had arranged for their carrier to pick up from Priory that day.

We assembled the castors at short notice, but the carrier never turned up. When we spoke to the carrier they said that our collection had been missed, but it was now too late to collect from us.

So that the overnight shipment could still take place, Priory delivered the castors to the carrier’s hub that evening, and the product arrived next day as requested.

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As a castor manufacturer with onsite tool room, injection moulding machines, and presswork facilities, Priory can offer special adaptations and bespoke design products.

These can vary from special colour schemes or tailored fittings to original designs.
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