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Castor Selection

The following provides an introduction to the basics of castor selection. If you have specific questions, please contact us for further advice.

Operating Temperature

Unless otherwise stated in our catalogue, products are designed to operate in temperatures up to 80°C. If the application is required to operate at temperatures above 80°C please contact us for advice. We have part numbers in our range designed to withstand higher temperatures.

Load Capacity

For normal applications where four castors are fitted, the load rating for each castor should be able to accommodate one third of the total carried weight. This allows for variations in load on each individual castor that can occur during movement due to uneven floors, etc.


Types of Fitting

Push-in Peg

imageIdeal for use on wooden or tubular framed applications. Quick and simple to assemble in conjunction with an appropriate plastic fitting supplied by Priory – an important consideration in circumstances of volume assembly.


imagePriory supplies a number of plastic fittings designed to suit a range of square and round tube applications.

Socket details can be provided for customers that wish to mould as an integral part of the end product and avoid use of separate fittings.



imageExpander fittings can be used in round or square tube applications. They are easy to fit but can work loose after prolonged use.


Single Thread / Single Bolt Hole

imageRequires only a single nut and bolt. Where an application has feet attached to threaded stems, choice of bolt diameter enables castors to be fitted as direct replacements.

Threaded stems are an integral part of the castor, and are available via the web site in a choice of three lengths in metric thread. Other lengths and thread types can be requested as specials.

Use of locking nuts is recommeneded, but a single bolt castor is more likely to come loose than a four bolt fixing plate (see below).


Plate Fixing (Four Bolt Holes)

imageThe most secure method of fixing a castor, but requires four matching holes with nuts and bolts.

Where fixing involves welding a mating plate to the application, separate mating plates can be supplied by Priory. Please contact us in these circumstances.


Wheel Size

Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter is determined by three main criteria:

  • Load capacity
  • Castor overall height
  • Ease of movement

The larger the wheel, the easier the movement and the higher the load capacity.

Overall height often has to be balanced against other considerations. For objects with a high centre of gravity, the height may be kept to a minimum to improve stability.


Wheel Type

The harder the wheel tyre, the easier the movement. Soft tyres are harder to move but have better traction and are kinder to floors.

The following provides an appreciation of typical tyre materials available from Priory:
POOR = 1      EXCELLENT = 5

Polypropylene Wheels

imageEase of Movement: 5
Floor Traction: 1
Floor Attrition: 3
Longevity: 2
Cost: 5


Nylon Wheels

imageEase of Movement: 5
Floor Traction: 1
Floor Attrition: 3
Longevity: 4
Cost: 4


Soft Tyre Wheels

imageEase of Movement: 2
Floor Traction: 3
Floor Attrition: 5
Longevity: 2
Cost: 3


Rubber Tyre Wheels

imageEase of Movement: 2
Floor Traction: 4
Floor Attrition: 5
Longevity: 3
Cost: 2


Elastic Tyre Wheels

imageEase of Movement: 2
Floor Traction: 5
Floor Attrition: 5
Longevity: 3
Cost: 1

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As a castor manufacturer with onsite tool room, injection moulding machines, and presswork facilities, Priory can offer special adaptations and bespoke design products.

These can vary from special colour schemes or tailored fittings to original designs.
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